What are weather fronts?
What are weather fronts? What kind of weather do they bring? In this video, James Chubb ex...
published: 08 May 2012
author: TheMetOffice
Khalid Muwembe -- Met Office/WMO Fellow, Reading University
The Met Office are involved in a number of projects as part of the World Meteorological Or...
published: 10 Jul 2012
author: TheMetOffice
Natural Sciences Loop - Charleville Meteorological Office, Charleville
Ever wondered how meteorologists predict the weather ? You can find the answers by visitin...
published: 04 Jun 2012
Meteorological Office Head press conference
published: 10 May 2012
Parliamentary questions: Meteorological Office (18th October 2005)
Jo argues against the closure of Aberdeen's meteorological office....
published: 23 Apr 2010
author: JoSwinson
Meteorology training for renewable energy professionals
Met Office runs meteorology training for professionals in the renewable energy sector. The...
published: 19 Feb 2014
Defence Met Capability Suite
This video explains the metrological decision support to armed forces....
published: 22 Jan 2014
How to read a synoptic chart
Ever wondered how to read a synoptic chart? In this video forecaster Charlie explains what...
published: 08 Jul 2013
author: TheMetOffice
Working in the National Meteorological Library
Graduate trainee Claire Mills describes what it is like working in the National Meteorolog...
published: 25 Jun 2009
author: TheMetOffice
Met Office "Make Weather" with Technology,Evolution of European Weather Satelites
Wait for it,,,,watch from 02:30 mins Met office explains they play a role in creating the ...
published: 20 May 2013
author: MrMaxBliss
Fresh snowfall in parts of Kashmir Valley, MeT office warns
A fresh bout of snowfall lashed parts of Kashmir Valley, including tourist resort Gulmarg,...
published: 05 Feb 2013
author: ABP NEWS
Met Office on weather
The Director of Meteorological Services has echoed the call by the Water and Sewage Compan...
published: 18 Apr 2012
author: htsstlucia
Weather experiment - Weather fronts
In this series of videos, Tom Howard shows how to create different experiments to explain ...
published: 20 Jul 2012
author: TheMetOffice
Predicting boundary layer clouds
Dr Adrian Lock, from the Boundary Layer Group at the Met Office, leads the research group ...
published: 11 Apr 2012
author: TheMetOffice
Vimeo results:
Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis - Iceland 2013
These pictures have been taken on a cold (-13° celsius) and clear night during our latest ...
published: 25 Mar 2013
author: Kai Herrel
The U.S. Navy's Task Force Climate Change
In May 2009, the Chief of Naval Operations formed the Navy's Task Force Climate Change (TF...
published: 18 Nov 2011
Philippe Rahm - Bartlett International Lecture Series 2012/13
A video recording of the lecture given by Philippe Rahm entitled, 'Meteorological Architec...
published: 19 Oct 2012
MOTUS by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò with Silvia Calderoni and Judith Malina (...
published: 12 Aug 2011
author: motus

Youtube results:
Why invest in a weather and climate service?
A short film illustrating the importance of the need for weather and climate information f...
published: 08 Apr 2013
author: TheMetOffice
How to read a Meteorological Aerodrome Report (METAR)
http://www.goproflying.com A presentation covering all you need to know on how the decode ...
published: 03 Jun 2012
Goa met office to get advanced weather forecasting Radar soon
With a view to provide a reliable weather forecast in the state, the Meteorological Depart...
published: 07 Oct 2009
Saving lives on Lake Victoria - Mobile Weather Alert service
The Met Office supported a project led by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), wit...
published: 10 Jul 2012
author: TheMetOffice
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